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Back pain is a common ailment, but in spite of being common, it can be incredibly painful and debilitating. If you’re suffering from back pain from a car accident or anything else, you’re probably wondering what type of back pain treatment is best for your situation. Here are some options to consider.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic back pain treatment can help with back pain that is due to a traumatic accident such as a car accident, but it can also help with back pain due to repeated motions, poor posture, or similar culprits. Chiropractors do spinal adjustments to help get your back into alignment, and they can also help with neck and shoulder pain. In many cases, you feel relief after a single treatment, but typically, you need to see the chiropractor multiple times. They make slight adjustments, and it takes a while to counteract a serious injury or years of strain.

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist can help you work through many back pain issues. They can go through a workout regimen that targets your core muscles and provides relief to your back in other ways.

In cases where you need back pain treatment due to a car accident or similar injury, this can be much more advantageous than going to yoga. A physical therapist has specialized healthcare training to work with individuals, and they tailor a treatment plan for your needs. In some cases, core workouts can work as back pain treatment. This includes yoga and Pilates. Many people think that your core muscles are actually designed to give you a “six pack” or help hold your tummy in, but core muscles actually hold up your back.

When your core muscles aren’t engaged, that puts pressure on your back muscles. Over time, that can lead to pain and strains. Note that while core workouts can provide some relief for back pain, you should always consult with a medical professional if you have been in an accident or have a lot of pain.

Surgery as Back Pain Treatment

In some cases, you may need to turn to surgery. Surgical back pain treatment can take a number of different forms depending on your specific issues. There are surgeries such as lumbar decompression surgery that can help with pinched nerves. There are also fusion surgeries. That surgery fuses together vertebrae that are moving when they shouldn’t be.

If part of your spine is damaged, you may need a reconstructive surgery. In particular, there are surgeries that can replace total discs.

If you are looking for back pain treatment due to a car accident, we can help. At 1-800WeTreat, we help connect clients with health care professionals who can help with their back pain. We also help our clients get legal help ​as needed. Call us today.

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