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After a car accident, your body is likely to have all kinds of aches and pains, and in a lot of cases, car accidents are a literal pain in the neck. If you’re experiencing neck muscle pain, there are a few different remedies to explore. Here’s an overview of the most popular options. Emergency Room Treatment for Neck Muscle Pain After a car accident, you should always try to go…

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Car Accident Information Blog

Most people have experienced neck pain at least once or twice in their lives. Just living, working,and playing takes a toll on the body, and if you’re in a car accident,a neck injury is one of the most common occurrences. But, how do you know when an injury is serious? Here are signs and symptoms that you should seek medical attention for your neck injury. Extreme Pressure, Tingling, and Spreading…

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How a Pain Specialist Helps You After a Car Accident

Pain is a common side effect after car accidents. Even if your pain isn't insignificant at first, it can increase over time. If you choose to do nothing, possible injuries may be with you for a long time. A pain specialist can help prevent further injuries and pain, with early treatment and detection. Soft Tissue Injuries and Pain When there is no blood or broken bones, it can be hard…

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What Can a 24 Hour Clinic Do?

A 24 hour clinic is a relatively new alternative to an emergency room or a traditional healthcare clinic. These clinics are similar to urgent care centers, but they offer even more generous hours than those clinics. If you are in a car accident, you may want to head to a 24 hour clinic. Here's a look at what these clinics offer and how they work. Should You Go to a…

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What Will a Back Specialist Do?

Back injuries are very common after a car accident. In a collision, a vehicle that is moving quite quickly stops suddenly. Anything that is restrained in the vehicle stops with the vehicle, but as your head isn't restrained, that continues to move even though the rest of your body is held in place by seat belts. This dissonance leads to back and neck injuries that may require assistance from a…

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Can You Visit an Immediate Care Center without Insurance?

When you sustain injuries in a car accident,it is important to seek prompt medical attention even if the problems seem minor. Some common car accident injuries, including whiplash and concussion, do not always produce symptoms right away but that does not mean that you are fine. Even when you know you need a doctor, you may feel apprehensive about visiting one because you do not have health insurance. The good…

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A woman talks on the phone to a car accident lawyer while her friend gets help after their accident.

Why You Need Personal Injury Protection

Twelve states and the District of Columbia follow no-fault auto insurance rules and require drivers to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Georgia and Missouri are not among the no-fault states. However, both allow insurance companies to offer PIP as a coverage option. PIP will cover your medical expenses related to the accident as well as treatment for injuries suffered by any of your passengers. This is true regardless of…

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A woman holds her neck which is causing her pain. 1-800WeTreat recommends she goes to a car accident chiropractor.

Think You Need a Pain Doctor? 1-800-WE-TREAT Can Help!

Few things can be more frightening than being suddenly involved in a car accident. Some car accidents are minor and leave a person with little more than a few bumps and bruises, while other car accidents cause much more serious injuries. Car accidents can affect every aspect of your life, from your physical well-being to your emotional state and your job. Even if you weren't critically injured in a car…

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A woman experiencing back and neck pain goes to a pain specialist recommended by 1-800WeTreat

​Which Back Pain Treatment is Best for You?

​Which Back Pain Treatment is Best for You Back pain is a common ailment, but in spite of being common, it can be incredibly painful and debilitating. If you’re suffering from back pain from a car accident or anything else, you’re probably wondering what type of back pain treatment is best for your situation. Here are some options to consider. Chiropractic Treatment Chiropractic back pain treatment can help with back…

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Chiropractic Therapy for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be extremely challenging to live with. Whether it's an annoying, distracting pain that keeps you from fully enjoying your life or a debilitating pain that makes it difficult to even get out of bed, chronic pain is serious and should be treated seriously. Unfortunately, traditional medicine often can only mask the symptoms. Medications can only make you feel better temporarily and carry significant risks, and surgery is…

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