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After an accident involving personal injuries and damage to your vehicle, a good motor vehicle accident lawyer can be a real lifesaver. They are able to accomplish things that we, as lay-people, would likely have great difficulty doing. A competent car accident lawyer can help gain compensation to cover losses due to the accident, medical expenses, repairs, and lost wages, and they can even help if a loved one was killed. This is especially true if speeding, reckless driving or drunk-driving was involved.

Another reason to work with a lawyer is that they usually work on a contingent-fee basis. In other words, they are only paid when they win a case. That means you don’t have to worry about losing money in the process.
When to Call a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer
If any of the following statements apply in your situation, you may want to contact an attorney:

If the accident caused significant injury or a fatality
If it’s unclear who is responsible for the accident
If the crash involved others, such as another another car, a pedestrian or a bicyclist.
If the accident occured in a school zone, a construction zone, or some other protected area
If the accident was not your fault and you have faced medical bills or missed time at work

How a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Can Help
A lawyer can deal with the other person’s insurance company, gather necessary evidence, organize medical expenses, and communicate with your own insurance company. They can also work with your doctors to ensure they provide everything necessary for you to prove your injuries and substantiate that they are linked to the accident.

During a trial, a motor vehicle accident lawyer can organize and present evidence to the court regarding your claim. And of course, they can negotiate a payment with the other party’s attorney for a satisfactory settlement. Perhaps the most critical benefits of retaining a lawyer are dealing with the insurance companies.
Dealing With Your Insurance Company After an Accident
While having insurance is always a good thing, don’t be fooled to think they always work in your best interests. Remember, they are money-making corporations with the specific goal of denying you compensation or getting you to settle quickly for the least money possible. They will try to get you to sign a waiver releasing them of responsibility of legal liability issues. They will even discourage you from hiring a lawyer! Don’t listen to them, as it is your motor vehicle accident lawyer who will work for you and your cause.
How to Find a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer
One can find lawyers online browsing by location; city, county, or state. Knowing their specialty can affect your case in positive ways. Some motor vehicle accident lawyers specialize in trucking accidents, or those involving motorcycles, and you need the right professional for your situation.

Don’t be afraid of interviewing multiple lawyers. It’s important to find one who works well with you personally. Most of all, keep in mind a good lawyer can help a great deal. They save you time and energy, ensure you are compensated adequately, and offer piece of mind in a difficult situation. To get connected with a motor vehicle accident lawyer, contact us at 1-800-WE-TREAT today.

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