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Pain is a common side effect after car accidents. Even if your pain isn’t insignificant at first, it can increase over time. If you choose to do nothing, possible injuries may be with you for a long time. A pain specialist can help prevent further injuries and pain, with early treatment and detection.

Soft Tissue Injuries and Pain

When there is no blood or broken bones, it can be hard to know if you are injured.Keep in mind that the most common areas of the body affected by a car accident are the spinal column, neck, and back as well as the muscles and other soft tissue supporting the spinal column. Soft tissue includes ligaments, tendons, and organs.Injured muscle fiber may become over stretched, and inflammation and swelling may develop,similar to a sprained ankle or knee. Additionally, as the ligaments are stretched, swelling occurs and begins to irritate nerves that surround the muscle. When this occurs, the body tries to contract and immobilize muscles, but the constant inflammation and irritation causes them to continue to tighten and eventually spasm as well. This is how pain works, and a pain specialist can help.

What Happens When You Don’t See a Pain Specialist?

Left untreated, these injuries can develop scar tissue, lead to chronic pain, and contribute to further health issues months and even years down the road. When damaged muscles heal, they develop scar tissue that makes them weaker and less elastic. These problems are prone to reinjury and even more pain, and again, that’s why seeing a pain specialist can be critical.

Preventing Further Injury by Working With a Pain Specialist

When you work with a pain specialist, their pain management techniques help improve movement. As you start to move more freely, your muscles and tendons begin to get stronger. In other words, a quality pain specialist helps you with pain while you rehabilitate the injured tissues.

Pain specialists have training in interventional procedures that can reduce pain and suffering and improve your quality of life following an accident. Their practices help prevent further injury and lead to continued health improvement.

Pain specialists also coordinate care including physical therapy, psychological therapy, and rehabilitation. These healthcare providers can offer patients a comprehensive treatment plan with a
multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of pain and the ability to heal.

Finding a Pain Specialist

When choosing a pain specialist, you want someone with the following attributes:

  • A strong knowledge of the physiology of pain
  • The ability to evaluate complicated pain problems for patients
  • An understanding of specialized tests
  • Experience prescribing the appropriate medications
  • The skills to perform medical procedures
  • Experience helping people rehabilitate after an accident

In addition to considering the specialist’s level of experience, you should make sure that you like and are able to talk easily with the pain management specialist you choose.

It’s hard to be in pain after an accident, but you don’t need to deal with it alone. At 1-800-WE-TREAT, we can help after a car accident. To get connected with medical professionals including a pain management specialist or to find legal help after an accident, contact us​ directly.

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