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A headache after a car accident is a relatively typical occurrence. For your safety, you should never ignore a headache in this situation. Seek medical help as soon as possible before the symptoms become worse.

​To help you understand what might be happening with your body, here are some of the most common types of post-accident headaches:

Post Traumatic Headache After Car Accident

This kind of headache comes from trauma suffered by your head and neck due to a car accident. When the headache starts from your neck, it is called a cervicogenic headache, and when it comes from your brain, it may be referred to as a concussive headache. You may also experience post traumaticheadaches that stem from muscle spasms or pinching of nerve roots near the base of your skull.

Often, these headaches don’t show up right away. You may not experience symptoms until days or weeks after the accident. To ensure that you can establish a connection between the headaches and the accident, you should seek medical care as soon as possible after the accident. Then, if your doctor is continuously monitoring you, it’s easier to make that connection.

Post-Concussive Migraine Headaches

When you experience a blow to the head, you can get a concussion, but you may also notice the onset of migraines. Migraines are very intense headaches that can be accompanied by vomiting and sensitivity to light, smells, and motion. Often, people with bad migraines cannot function at all during these headaches, and they may also suffer from mood swings, depression, dizziness, balance issues, and other problems.

Whiplash Headache After Car Accident

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that can occur in a car accident. Whiplash happens when part of your body stays in place and the head and neck jerk forward. Unfortunately, while your seatbelt may save your life by not allowing your body to be thrown out of the vehicle, it can inadvertently lead to whiplash. Again, this type of headache may not appear right away. After the accident, your adrenaline may kick in and prevent you from feeling any pain, but a few days or weeks later, you may notice that you have a very sore neck and harsh headaches.

Headaches Related to Fractured Skulls or Neck Bones

You may also suffer a headache related to a fractured skull or neck bone. In these situations, the headache intensity can vary based on the severity of the fracture, but in addition to brain pain, you may experience nausea, confusion, stiff neck muscles, and compromised ability to speak.

Pinched Nerve Headaches

If the occipital neuralgia nerve gets pinched as a result of the car accident, you may also get intense headaches from that injury. In particular, you may feel a lot of burning and tingling in your neck area, and the pain may extend to your brain.

Remember, a headache after car accident can also indicate more serious underlying issues, and you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Need help finding a doctor? Then, contact us today at 1-800-WE-TREAT.

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