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After a car accident, things can be scary and confusing. You may be in intense pain, or you may be worried about fixing your car and making insurance claims. Ideally, to get help, you should consider going to an urgent care center. Here’s what you need to know.

Always Get Medical Help Some people think that they only need to go to a doctor if they are in pain. However, if you have been in a car accident, you should always go to the doctor. In many cases, the adrenaline from the accident prevents you from feeling pain, or you may have an issue that may not surface for a few days. To be on the safe side, you should get looked over by a doctor.

Go to an Urgent Care Center One of the reasons people often don’t seek help after a car accident is because they don’t want to face huge emergency room bills or co-pays from their insurance company. Luckily, in a lot of cases, you don’t have to worry about that. There are urgent care centers all over, and these places are basically an intermediary between an emergency room and a doctor’s office.

They tend to have convenient hours like an emergency room, and you can just stop in. You don’t have to make an appointment. However, the bill and the co-pay in most cases are much closer to what you find at a regular doctor’s office.

Ask the Right Questions While getting treated, make sure to tell the doctor or healthcare provider that you were in a car accident. You may want to share details about what happened. For instance, if you were hit from behind or from the side, the impact is different in each situation, and the doctor may want to evaluate different things.

Also, share information about your condition and ask questions. For example, if you are experiencing numbness in your extremities or stiffness in your neck, you should let the doctor know. Ask questions about what to look for. The doctor may advise you to return for a follow up if you notice certain symptoms or pain in the next few days or weeks.

Keep All Records Make sure that you keep all the records from your appointment. Ask the urgent care center to make copies of the doctor’s notes and evaluation forms for you. That way, if your problems get worse, you have the documents you need to make a claim.

In many cases, after a car accident, if you hire an attorney you will be reimbursed. To ensure this is possible, you need all the records you can get.

Ask About Follow Up Finally, talk with the doctor at the urgent care center about what you should do in terms of follow up. Should you see your regular family physician? Should you make an appointment with a chiropractor​ or a physical therapist? Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be scary, confusing, and painful. Luckily, we’re here to help. At 1-800-WE-TREAT, we can help you find health and legal services after an accident. Contact us ​today.

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