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Every year, in the United States, 2.35 million people get car accident injuries or become disabled in car crashes. These accidents are linked to a huge range of different injuries. Here’s a look at some of the most common injuries people suffer.

One of the most common types of car accident injuries, whiplash refers to a serious neck strain that occurs when your head juts forward and backward quickly. In particular, this happens a lot in cases where people are hit from behind by another vehicle. Their seatbelts prevent the rest of their bodies from moving, but their heads jerk in a way that injures their neck. In spite of being common, whiplash can be incredibly painful and physically debilitating.

Muscle Strains and Sprains
Whiplash is a type of muscle strain, but it’s just one of the many types of strains associated with car accident injuries. After an accident, muscle fibers all over your body can get excessively stretched and become swollen. In a lot of cases, the inflammation takes a few days to show up, but once the pain sets in, the muscles begin to contract and often become immobilized. Many drivers experience strains in their shoulders or arms, especially if they were bracing the wheel during the accident.

Broken Bones
There is a lot of force in a car accident, and that force can lead to broken bones. These car accident injuries can happen in a lot of different ways. Drivers or passengers may be thrown from the vehicle and suffer a broken bone in their fall; the sudden impact or twisting from the crash can cause bones to break; or in some cases, the airbags can even fracture ribs or facial bones.

Lacerations and cuts occur if a window shatters and glass gets into the car. Additionally, if the driver or passengers fly forward in the vehicle, they may cut their face or other body parts. This risk is especially pronounced in cases where the driver or passengers aren’t wearing their seatbelts and they go through the windshield. Recently, in accidents involving faulty airbags, the airbags shot metal through the vehicle which cut the passengers and even lead to deaths in some cases.

Spinal Injuries
The impact of a car accident frequently leads to strains in the muscles and ligaments in your back. However, you can also suffer from other spinal injuries such as disc herniation or compression fractures. This can lead to intense pain and the inability to perform routine tasks.

Other Car Accident Injuries
With severe spinal injuries, people can even become paralyzed after a car accident, and this can include paralysis from the waist down or from the neck down. Additionally, people can suffer from concussions, severed limbs, emotional distress, and a range of other issues.

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